"Global cosmetic trend leader, The way better smart formula"

Beauty, is the most valuable asset for woman. Since the beginning of history, woman has been striving for charm. For the natural and bright beauty, makeup is being done for a very long time, cosmetics industry is also being developed constantly.

Therefore, glam21 was born for the woman's fate. glam21 has launched a series of various cosmetics products such as Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, foundation and other many cosmetics recently. Also, as a cosmetics leading brand, glam21 is developing unique and differentiated products constantly. For growing demand in cosmetics around the world, glam21 is doing its best to supply and distribute many kinds of cosmetics.

Getting recognition for the high-level quality private brand 'glam21', Coswel Korea is specialized in Make-up products in turnkey service, supplying innovative packaging and formula.

Having a large connection such as Sephora, Annabelle, tarte, PIXI for 13 years, we’re broadening our exportability through OEM ODM. We awarded $ 10 Million Export tower, designated as a Global Marketing Developer and a Promising Expert Firm by KITA. The ultimate aim of us is to satisfy consumer’s needs with high quality and reasonable price.

With glam21, make yourself as the most attractive woman in your field! glam21 always help your change.